Total Listening Audience Reports

Elytics, a powerful data analytics platform, provides Broadcast Radio Companies with Audience Insights showing how many listeners are on-air, on streams, through mobile apps, and even on podcasts at any given time period or even day-part.

With Elytics, you can know your total Listening Audience!

Elytics Screenshots

Elytics Total Audience Reports Features

Fully Customizable

Elytics dashboards are completely customizable to display the most relevant data for your Stations or Company. You can combine multiple data sources into one visual insight or on one dashboard.

Custom Views

You can create different versions of your dashboard with unique data views, charts, graphs, and actionable insights to share with different roles in your company.

Audience Data Feeds

You can connect to multiple data sources, such as: Nielsen ratings, Triton Digital, WideOrbit, Podcast hosting providers and much more!

Elegant Design

Elytics is designed to be simple and easy-to-use, enabling broadcasters to quickly set up and see their audience data from various sources - all in one place!


Get set up quickly

Connect securely to multiple data services including Nielsen Ratings, Triton Digital, WideOrbit, and Podcast Hosting to quickly start monitoring and tracking your total audience size!



Sales Teams and Program Directors can view data insights to see total audience reach by day-part, day, week, and month. Additionally, they can see how the audience is listening to the station, namely: on mobile Apps, Smart Speakers, desktop streaming, etc.

Web and apps

Accessible on all your devices

Elytics dashboards are mobile friendly and are easy to view on any device, ranging from mobile phones to Command Center HDTVs!

Available 24/7

Backed by an amazing support team

Elytics experts will help you with setup, creating custom dashboards, adding new data feeds, and and answer any questions you have whenever you need us!

SAAS Technology

Cloud Hosted Platform

Elytics technology runs in an AWS EC2 hosted infrastructure that is highly scalable and fault tolerant. We utilize Amazon ElastiCache Redis cluster optimized for speed and performance. The web App is built using containerized Ruby-on-Rails with proprietary Javascript and it pulls from a RDS fully managed PostgresSQL relational database.

What customers are saying

We think we've built something amazing, but don't just take our word for it.

“Elytics helps us know our total audience. We no longer have to dedicate time to aggregate our data as their platform connects to our data automatically. We appreciate our partnership with them!”
Kate G.
“Elytics enables our Sales Teams and PD's to know how many people heard our Station. They track the total listening audience for us. It's so nice to be able to provide that data for them quickly and easily."
Bryan M.
“Elytics makes going into sales so much better! We can present our Total Listener report that clearly shows how many people heard our client's media campaigns. It is a powerful tool.”
Carlee S.

Know Your Total Audience Size

With Elytics, all of your audience data will be in one place. Now you can easily know your audience reach and how they are listening!